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Garden Route South Africa
Hi There I will be visiting the Garden Route, specifically the Tsitsikamma National Park next year in April. I am looking for an alternative 5/6 day walk to the Otter Trail which is fully booked. Any advice will be appreciated.
2017/12/14 11:30:50 AM
Thule Guidepost 85 Backpack Review
Check out 'what's good' and 'what's not' in the Trail Guide blog for this expedition backpack
2017/11/20 5:20:44 PM
Hikers instant wine
I have found a post on an instant wine available for hikers. Just add water! Anyone tried it ?
2017/11/17 8:14:19 PM
Amphitheater access - Drakensberg
I was told I need a guide to climb the chain ladders, is that true?
2017/11/15 9:13:39 PM
Smartwatches review
Check out Ryan's review on Smartwatches in case you feel like an early Christmas present!
2017/11/15 9:07:38 PM
Forum Rules
This is a forum for regular folk asking genuine questions. If you feel the need to detour from one of our guidelines, take a cycle up Sani Pass, the altitude may provide clarity on your need to be nasty.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
How to start
I downloaded Trail Guide I want to ride or hike, but before I go I just wanna know...?
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
From boots to backpacks
Cool kit, necessary novelties, gotta have gizmo's, beautiful hiking packs, how to pack for an injury free back
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
Bikes, carriers, kit
Cool kit, necessary novelties, gotta have gizmo's, beautiful bikes, how to rack and stack.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
Environment & accessibility
Snow storms expected, Nature reserves closed, out of season tariffs, roads being rebuilt, fees, safety concerns.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
Can opener vs cuisine
There's more to outdoor meals than rip, pour, stir, slurp! Some folks can whip up gourmet meals without missing a step, ask them how, share your favourites, get tips on the best, performance enhancing snacks & supplements for your favourite sport
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
Outdoor skills & training
Not born with Bear Grylls skill set, no worries, ask some real people for real solutions to outdoor challenges. Find out about cycling clinics and age specific training.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
Social notice board
Announce a meet, invite folks to join your club, post your latest outing or chat about an event.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
If you can't find a relevant spot for your post or question, put it under General.
2017/09/18 6:44:35 PM
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