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Forum - Amphitheater access - Drakensberg
  I was told I need a guide to climb the chain ladders, is that true?
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Crag Lizard - 2017/10/11 9:45:38 PM
Nope, you can hike up there by yourself, just pay entrance fees at Witsieshoek
Mike Trap - 2017/10/11 9:46:59 PM
Thanks, do you know if you can drive up there in a normal car, sedan?
Crag Lizard - 2017/10/11 9:48:40 PM
Sure, just don't tell the rental company, roads in the process of being paved, still a bit rough. You can always get a trf from Whoek, R 70 pp, maybe more.
Mike Trap - 2017/11/15 9:13:39 PM
I have just returned from a wonderful hike onto the Amphitheater. The road was rather bad but I did manage to get up to the car park.
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